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hard gel cap


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  • Hged

    high gain emissive display

  • H g edgar degas

    [dey-gah; French duh-gah] /deɪˈgɑ; French dəˈgɑ/ noun 1. Hilaire Germain Edgar [ee-ler zher-man ed-gar] /iˈlɛr ʒɛrˈmɛ̃ ɛdˈgar/ (Show IPA), 1834–1917, French impressionist painter. /diːˈɡæs/ verb -gases, -gasses, -gassing, -gassed 1. (transitive) to remove gas from (a container, vacuum tube, liquid, adsorbent, etc) 2. (intransitive) to lose adsorbed or absorbed gas by desorption /ˈdeɪɡɑː; French dəɡɑ/ […]

  • Hgf

    hyperglycemic-glycogenolytic factor

  • HGH

    1. human growth hormone. abbreviation 1. human growth hormone HGH abbr. human growth hormone human growth hormone human growth hormone

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