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[hahy-bur-nuh-siz-uh m] /haɪˈbɜr nəˌsɪz əm/

an idiom or characteristic peculiar to Irish English or to the Irish.
an Irish expression, idiom, trait, custom, etc


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  • Hibernicize

    [hahy-bur-nuh-sahyz] /haɪˈbɜr nəˌsaɪz/ verb (used with object), Hibernicized, Hibernicizing. 1. to make Irish in character.

  • Hiberno-

    /haɪˈbɜːnəʊ; hɪˈbɜːnəʊ/ combining form 1. denoting Irish or Ireland: Hiberno-English

  • Hiberno-English

    [hahy-bur-noh-ing-glish or, often, -lish] /haɪˈbɜr noʊˈɪŋ glɪʃ or, often, -lɪʃ/ noun 1. Also called Anglo-Irish. the English language as spoken in Ireland. adjective 2. of or relating to Hiberno-English.

  • Hibernoma

    hibernoma hi·ber·no·ma (hī’bər-nō’mə) n. pl. hi·ber·no·mas or hi·ber·no·ma·ta (-mə-tə) A rare type of benign tumor in humans, consisting of brown fat that resembles the fat in certain hibernating animals.

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