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[hik-ee] /ˈhɪk i/

noun, plural hickeys.

any device or gadget whose name is not known or is momentarily forgotten.
Electricity. a fitting used to mount a lighting fixture in an outlet box or on a pipe or stud.
a tool used to bend tubes and pipes.
(US & Canadian, informal) an object or gadget: used as a name when the correct name is forgotten, etc; doodah
(US & Canadian, informal) a mark on the skin, esp a lovebite
(printing) a spot on a printed sheet caused by an imperfection or a speck on the printing plate

“love bite; mark on skin made by biting or sucking during foreplay or sex,” 1934; earlier “pimple, skin lesion” (c.1915); perhaps a sense extension and spelling variation from earlier word meaning “small gadget, device; any unspecified object” (1909, cf. doohickey, still used in this sense).

see hickie.



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