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[hiks] /hɪks/

Edward, 1780–1849, U.S. painter.
Granville, 1902–82, U.S. writer, educator, and editor.
Sir John Richard, 1904–1989, British economist: Nobel Prize 1972.
[hik] /hɪk/
an unsophisticated, boorish, and provincial person; rube.
pertaining to or characteristic of hicks:
hick ideas.
located in a rural or culturally unsophisticated area:
a hick town.


late 14c. as a pet form of masc. proper name Richard. Meaning “awkward provincial person” was established by 1700 (cf. rube); earlier it was the characteristic name of a hosteler, hackneyman, etc. (late 14c.), perhaps via alliteration. The adjective is recorded by 1914.

A hick town is one where there is no place to go where you shouldn’t be. [attributed to U.S. humorist Robert Quillen (1887-1948)]


: wasn’t bad looking in a hick way/ that hick chief of police


A rural person; a simple, countrified man or woman; apple-knocker, rube: The automobile largely nullified the outward distinctions between hick and city slicker

[1565+; fr a nickname of Richard, thought of as a country name, as Reuben is the base of ”rube”]


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