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[hik-ee] /ˈhɪk i/

adjective, hickier, hickiest. Informal.
(def 2).


Rural; mean and meager: This man is from some hicky farm in Shit Creek, Georgia (1940s+)


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  • Hicky-horse

    [hik-ee-hawrs] /ˈhɪk iˌhɔrs/ noun, South Atlantic States (chiefly North Carolina) . 1. a seesaw.

  • Hickymal

    /ˈhɪkɪməl/ noun 1. (Southwest English, dialect) a titmouse

  • Hicpac

    Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee

  • Hic-requiescit-in-pace

    [heek re-kwee-e-sheet een pah-che] /ˈhik ˈrɛ kwiˈɛ ʃit in ˈpɑ tʃɛ/ Latin. 1. here rests in peace: a phrase used on tombstones before the name of the deceased.

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