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a combining form meaning “sacred,” “priestly,” used in the formation of compound words:
combining form
holy or divine: hierocracy, hierarchy


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  • Hierocracy

    [hahy-uh-rok-ruh-see, hahy-rok-] /ˌhaɪ əˈrɒk rə si, haɪˈrɒk-/ noun, plural hierocracies. 1. rule or government by priests or ecclesiastics. /ˌhaɪəˈrɒkrəsɪ/ noun (pl) -cies 1. government by priests or ecclesiastics n. “rule or government by priests,” 1794; see hierarchy + -cracy. Related: Hierocratic.

  • Hierodeacon

    [hahy-er-uh-dee-kuh n, hahy-ruh-] /ˌhaɪ ər əˈdi kən, ˌhaɪ rə-/ noun, Eastern Church. 1. a monk who is also a .

  • Hierodule

    [hahy-er-uh-dool, -dyool, hahy-ruh-] /ˈhaɪ ər əˌdul, -ˌdyul, ˈhaɪ rə-/ noun 1. a slave in service in an ancient Greek temple. /ˈhaɪərəˌdjuːl/ noun 1. (in ancient Greece) a temple slave, esp a sacral prostitute

  • Hieroglyph

    [hahy-er-uh-glif-ik, hahy-ruh-] /ˌhaɪ ər əˈglɪf ɪk, ˌhaɪ rə-/ adjective 1. Also, hieroglyphical. designating or pertaining to a pictographic script, particularly that of the ancient Egyptians, in which many of the symbols are conventionalized, recognizable pictures of the things represented. 2. inscribed with hieroglyphic symbols. 3. hard to decipher; hard to read. noun 4. Also, hieroglyph. […]

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