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[hahy-klas, -klahs] /ˈhaɪˈklæs, -ˈklɑs/

of a type superior in quality or degree; first-rate:
a high-class hotel.
of very good quality; superior: a high-class grocer
belonging to, associated with, or exhibiting the characteristics of an upper social class: a high-class lady, a high-class prostitute

1864, from high (adj.) + class (n.).


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  • High-colored

    [hahy-kuhl-erd] /ˈhaɪˈkʌl ərd/ adjective 1. deep in color; vivid. 2. flushed or red; florid: a high-colored complexion.

  • High colour

    hardware A colour depth of 16 (or 15) bits per pixel. Compare true colour. (1999-08-01)

  • High-coloured

    adjective 1. (of the complexion) deep red or purplish; florid

  • High-comedy

    noun 1. comedy dealing with polite society, characterized by sophisticated, witty dialogue and an intricate plot. noun 1. comedy set largely among cultured and articulate people and featuring witty dialogue Compare low comedy

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