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[hahy-prahyst] /ˈhaɪˈpraɪst/

expensive; costly:
a high-priced camera.


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  • High-priest

    noun 1. a chief priest. 2. Judaism. (from Aaronic times to about the 1st century a.d.) the priest ranking above all other priests and the only one permitted to enter the holy of holies. 3. Informal. a person in a high position of power or influence, especially one who is revered as a preeminent authority […]

  • High-priestess

    noun 1. the female leader of a tribe, religion, or movement; a female high priest.

  • High-priesthood

    noun 1. the condition or office of a high priest. 2. high priests collectively.

  • High-profile vehicle

    noun any vehicle with a high center of gravity, esp. SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks Examples High-profile vehicles are susceptible to rollovers.

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