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High speed connect

(HSC) A Hewlett-Packard bus like EISA.
[HP9000 Configuration Guide, January 1996].


Read Also:

  • High-speed downlink packet access

    noun 1. a technology that allows high-speed downloads to mobile telephones HSDPA Also 3.5G

  • High-speed net connect

    hardware, communications (HNC) A network interface unit for BS2000 mainframes based on Novell NetWare, supporting Ethernet and FDDI. (2005-02-11)

  • High speed serial interface

    hardware, communications (HSSI) A serial port which supports serial transmit speeds of up to 52 megabits per second. It is typically used for leased lines such as DS3 (44.736 Mbps) and E3 (34 Mbps) and for Wide Area Network devices such as routers. (1995-11-20)

  • High-speed steel

    noun 1. an especially hard, heat-resistant steel for use in lathe tools and for other applications involving high friction and wear. noun 1. any of various steels that retain their hardness at high temperatures and are thus suitable for making tools used on lathes and other high-speed machines

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