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[hahy-hohl] /ˈhaɪˌhoʊl/

2 .


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  • High-holy-day

    noun, Judaism. 1. either of two holy days of special significance, Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.

  • High hopes

    see: in hopes of

  • High-horse

    noun 1. a haughty attitude or temper; a contemptuous manner. n. originally (late 14c.) “fine, tall horse; war horse, charger” (high steed is from c.1300), also, like high hall, “status symbol;” figurative sense of “airs, easily wounded dignity” in mount (one’s) high horse “affect airs of superiority” is from 1782 (Addison has to ride the […]

  • High-hurdles

    noun, (used with a singular verb) Track. 1. a race in which runners leap over hurdles 42 inches (107 cm) high. noun 1. (functioning as sing) a race in which competitors leap over hurdles 42 inches (107 cm) high

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