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Highland clearances

plural noun
in Scotland, the removal, often by force, of the people from some parts of the Highlands to make way for sheep, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Also called the Clearances


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  • Highland dress

    noun 1. the historical costume, including the plaid, kilt or filibeg, and bonnet, as worn by Highland clansmen and soldiers 2. a modern version of this worn for formal occasions

  • Highlander

    [hahy-luh n-der] /ˈhaɪ lən dər/ noun 1. a Gael inhabiting the of Scotland. 2. a soldier of a Highland regiment. 3. (lowercase) an inhabitant of any region. /ˈhaɪləndə/ noun 1. a native of the Highlands of Scotland 2. a member of a Scottish Highland regiment n. 1630s, from Highland + -er (1).

  • Highland-fling

    noun 1. (def 17). noun 1. a vigorous Scottish solo dance

  • Highland games

    noun 1. (functioning as singular or pl) a meeting in which competitions in sport, piping, and dancing are held: originating in the Highlands of Scotland

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