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[hahy-tee-tahy-tee] /ˈhaɪ tiˈtaɪ ti/

adjective, noun


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  • High-up

    [hahy-uhp] /ˈhaɪˈʌp/ adjective 1. holding a high position or rank. noun, plural high-ups. 2. a person holding a high position or rank; higher-up. noun 1. (informal) a person who holds an important or influential position noun An important person; big shot, higher-up •Most often plural: Rico got in touch with some of the high-ups (1868+)

  • Highveld

    /ˈhaɪˌfɛlt; -ˌvɛlt/ noun 1. the highveld, the high-altitude grassland region of E South Africa

  • High-voltage

    [hahy-vohl-tij] /ˈhaɪˈvoʊl tɪdʒ/ adjective 1. operating on or powered by high voltage: a high-voltage generator. 2. Informal. dynamic; powerful: a high-voltage theatrical entrepreneur.

  • High voltage differential

    hardware (HVD) Differential SCSI scheme that has been in use for years. The terminators run on 5 Volts DC. See also LVD. (1999-02-16)

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