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Highway ramp


See exit ramp


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  • Highway-robbery

    noun 1. robbery committed on a highway against travelers, as by a highwayman. 2. Informal. a price or fee that is unreasonably high; exorbitant charge. noun 1. (informal) blatant overcharging noun phrase An unconscionable price asked by a merchant: Highway robbery is no name for it/ 100 bucks? That’s highway robbery! (1886+) The exaction of […]

  • High-wine

    noun 1. Often, high wines. Distilling. a distillate containing a high percentage of alcohol.

  • High-wire

    noun 1. a tightrope stretched very high above the ground. noun 1. a tightrope stretched high in the air for balancing acts

  • High-wire act

    noun phrase A perilous policy, procedure, etc: Nixon remained skeptical of Kissinger’s high-wire act in Vietnam [1970s+; fr high wire, an 1880s term for the funambulist’s high tightrope] A risky job or operation, as in The university press is not allowed to either make or lose money—that’s a high-wire act. This expression alludes to the […]

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