[hahy-jak-er] /ˈhaɪˌdʒæk ər/

a person who .

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  • Hijaz

    [hee-jaz; Arabic hee-zhahz] /hiˈdʒæz; Arabic hiˈʒɑz/ noun 1. a region in Saudi Arabia bordering on the Red Sea, formerly an independent kingdom: contains the Islamic holy cities of Medina and Mecca. About 150,000 sq. mi. (388,500 sq. km). Capital: Mecca. /hiːˈdʒæz/ noun 1. a variant spelling of Hejaz

  • Hijiki

    [hee-jee-kee] /hiˈdʒi ki/ noun 1. a dark brown seaweed that grows in treelike fronds, used dried and shredded in Japanese cookery.

  • Hijinks

    noun, (used with a plural verb) Informal. 1. boisterous celebration or merrymaking; unrestrained fun: The city is full of conventioneers indulging in their usual high jinks. /ˈhaɪˌdʒɪŋks/ noun 1. lively enjoyment n. also hi-jinks, high jinks, “boisterous capers, lively or boisterous sport,” 1842, from name of games played at drinking parties (1690s). Cf. jink. Playful […]

  • Hi-jinks

    noun Boisterous fun; uninhibited jollification; pranks and capers: the dashing hi-jinks of the Katzenjammer Kids/ The out-of-towner cuts the hijinks here [1861+; fr the name of a dice game played for drinks, found from 1690]

  • Hijra

    [hij-ruh] /ˈhɪdʒ rə/ noun, (sometimes lowercase) Islam. 1. the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina to escape persecution a.d. 622: regarded as the beginning of the Muslim Era. 2. the Muslim Era itself. /ˈhɪdʒrə/ noun 1. (in India) a person who adopts a gender role that is neither male nor female n. also hijrah, […]

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