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[hahyk] /haɪk/

verb (used without object), hiked, hiking.
to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or the like.
to move up or rise, as out of place or position (often followed by up):
My shirt hikes up if I don’t wear a belt.
Nautical. to hold oneself outboard on the windward side of a heeling sailboat to reduce the amount of heel.
verb (used with object), hiked, hiking.
to move, draw, or raise with a jerk (often followed by up):
to hike up one’s socks.
to increase, often sharply and unexpectedly:
to hike the price of milk.
a long walk or march for recreational activity, military training, or the like.
an increase or rise, often sharp and unexpected:
a hike in wages.
take a hike, Slang. to go away because one’s company is not desired.
(intransitive) to walk a long way, usually for pleasure or exercise, esp in the country
(usually foll by up) to pull or be pulled; hitch
(transitive) to increase (a price)
a long walk
a rise in prices, wages, etc

1809, hyke “to walk vigorously,” an English dialectal word of unknown origin. A yike from 1736 answers to the sense.

HIKE, v. to go away. It is generally used in a contemptuous sense. Ex. “Come, hike,” i.e. take yourself off; begone. [Rev. Robert Forby, “The Vocabulary of East Anglia,” London, 1830]

Sense of “pull up” (as pants) first recorded 1873 in American English, and may be a variant of hitch; extended sense of “raise” (as wages) is 1867. Related: Hiked; hiking. The noun is from 1865.


: The government got a big tax hike


Related Terms

take a hike

[fr mid-1800s term hike up, ”go or raise up,” related to hoick of the same meaning, both probably fr the asi dialectal sense ”go, go about”]
see: take a hike


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