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[hil-el, -eyl, -uh l, hi-leyl; Sephardic Hebrew hee-lel] /ˈhɪl ɛl, -eɪl, -əl, hɪˈleɪl; Sephardic Hebrew hiˈlɛl/

(“ha-Zaken”) c60 b.c.–a.d. 9? Palestinian rabbi, president of the Sanhedrin and interpreter of Biblical law: first to formulate definitive hermeneutic principles.
/ˈhɪlɛl; -ləl/
?60 bc–?9 ad, rabbi, born in Babylonia; president of the Sanhedrin. He was the first to formulate principles of biblical interpretation

masc. proper name, from Hebrew, literally “he praised.”

praising, a Pirathonite, father of the judge Abdon (Judg. 12:13, 15).


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