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[hilz-bur-oh, -buhr-oh] /ˈhɪlz bɜr oʊ, -bʌr oʊ/

a town in NW Oregon.


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  • Hillsdale

    [hilz-deyl] /ˈhɪlzˌdeɪl/ noun 1. a town in NE New Jersey.

  • Hills hoist

    /hɪlz/ noun 1. trademark an Australian brand of rotary clothesline

  • Hillside

    [hil-sahyd] /ˈhɪlˌsaɪd/ noun 1. the side or slope of a hill. [hil-sahyd] /ˈhɪlˌsaɪd/ noun 1. a township in NE New Jersey. n. late 14c., from hill + side (n.).

  • Hillsite

    [hil-sahyt] /ˈhɪlˌsaɪt/ noun 1. a location or on the side or top of a .

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