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[him] /hɪm/

the objective case of he, used as a direct or indirect object:
I’ll see him tomorrow. Give him the message.
Informal. (used instead of the pronoun he in the predicate after the verb to be):
It’s him. It isn’t him.
Informal. (used instead of the pronoun his before a gerund):
We were surprised by him wanting to leave.
Informal. a male:
Is the new baby a her or a him?
a former name of Homs
/hɪm; unstressed ɪm/
pronoun (objective)
refers to a male person or animal: they needed him, she baked him a cake, not him again!
(mainly US) a dialect word for himself he ought to find him a wife
His (or Her) Imperial Majesty

Old English him, originally dative masculine and neuter of he; beginning 10c. it replaced hine as masculine accusative, a regional process completed by 15c. The dative roots of the -m ending are retained in German (ihm) and Dutch (hem). Hine persists, barely, as the southern England dialectal ‘un, ‘n for “him.”
Her (or His) Imperial Majesty


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