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[hin-duh s] /ˈhɪn dəs/

Maurice Gerschon
[gur-shuh n] /ˈgɜr ʃən/ (Show IPA), 1891–1969, U.S. writer, born in Russia.
[hin-doo] /ˈhɪn du/
a person, especially of northern India, who adheres to .
of or relating to Hindus or .
/ˈhɪnduː; hɪnˈduː/
noun (pl) -dus, -doos
a person who adheres to Hinduism
an inhabitant or native of Hindustan or India, esp one adhering to Hinduism
relating to Hinduism, Hindus, or India

1660s, from Persian Hindu (adjective and noun) “Indian,” from Hind “India,” from Sanskrit sindhu “river,” specifically the Indus; hence “region of the Indus,” gradually extended across northern India. The Hindu Kush mountain range is said to mean literally “Indian killer,” and was said to have been the name given by the Persians to a pass where their Indian slaves had perished in winter, but this is likely folk etymology.


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