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[hint] /hɪnt/

an indirect, covert, or helpful suggestion; clue:
Give me a hint as to his identity.
a very slight or hardly noticeable amount; soupçon:
a hint of garlic in the salad dressing.
perceived indication or suggestion; note; intimation:
a hint of spring in the air.
Obsolete. an occasion or opportunity.
verb (used with object)
to give a hint of:
gray skies hinting a possible snowfall.
verb (used without object)
to make indirect suggestion or allusion; subtly imply (usually followed by at):
The article hinted at corruption in the mayor’s office.
a suggestion or implication given in an indirect or subtle manner: he dropped a hint
a helpful piece of advice or practical suggestion
a small amount; trace
when intr, often foll by at; when tr, takes a clause as object. to suggest or imply indirectly

c.1600, apparently from obsolete hent, from Middle English hinten “to tell, inform” (c.1400), from Old English hentan “to seize,” from Proto-Germanic *hantijanan (cf. Gothic hinþan “to seize”), related to hunt (v.). Modern sense and spelling first attested in Shakespeare.

1640s, from hint (n.). Related: Hinted; hinting.
see: take a hint


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