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Christopher, Baron Hinton of Bankside, 1901–1983, British nuclear engineer.
William Augustus, 1883–1959, U.S. medical researcher and educator.
Contemporary Examples

“Yeah,” a Journal reporter told The Daily Beast, when the Hinton resignation was barely two hours old.
Succession Drama at WSJ Nick Summers July 15, 2011

When his wife, Hinton Mayor Sheryl Ann Cornelius, arrived home that evening, he was slumped in his chair, still clutching the gun.
Under Obama, a Breakdown in the Death Benefits Owed to Veterans Aaron Glantz April 30, 2013

After having conducted a “full, rigorous, internal inquiry,” Hinton said, “I believe he was the only person.”
Rupert’s Fall Guy? Howard Kurtz July 11, 2011

Colleagues who admire Hinton say he erred on the side of ethics.
Rupert’s Fall Guy? Howard Kurtz July 11, 2011

The former company executive says Murdoch was constantly calling Hinton or meeting with him during trips to New York.
Rupert’s Fall Guy? Howard Kurtz July 11, 2011

Historical Examples

Hinton flew to the window; he saw the soft fawn shade of a lady’s dress, he could not see the lady.
How It All Came Round L. T. Meade

Confess, Hinton, it is worth while being a soldier to be in Ireland.
Jack Hinton Charles James Lever

The eight o’clock chimes spoke as Hinton clumped downstairs, and a few moments later Forbes’s guests began to straggle in.
Kathleen Christopher Morley

Yes, Hinton, they knew every man of them the position I stood in.
Jack Hinton Charles James Lever

Hinton took the fork from her gently and wiped it with Gladys’s dirty cloth.
The Smuggler’s Cave George A. Birmingham


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