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[hur-soot, hur-soot] /ˈhɜr sut, hɜrˈsut/

hairy; shaggy.
Botany, Zoology. covered with long, rather stiff hairs.
of, relating to, or characteristic of hair.
covered with hair
(of plants or their parts) covered with long but not stiff hairs
(of a person) having long, thick, or untrimmed hair

“hairy,” 1620s, from Latin hirsutus “rough, shaggy, bristly,” figuratively “rude, unpolished,” related to hirtus “shaggy,” and possibly to horrere “to bristle with fear,” from PIE *ghers-tu-, from root *ghers- “to bristle” (see horror).

hirsute hir·sute (hûr’sōōt’, hēr’-, hər-sōōt’)
Covered with hair; hairy.

Occasionally used as a humorous synonym for hairy.
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