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noun, Pharmacology.
any of various substances that act at a specific receptor site to block certain actions of histamine.


Read Also:

  • Histamine-fast

    histamine-fast his·ta·mine-fast (hĭs’tə-mēn-fāst’, -mĭn-) adj. Of or relating to the absence of the normal response to histamine, especially regarding gastric anacidity.

  • Histamine-headache

    noun 1. .

  • Histaminemia

    histaminemia his·ta·mi·ne·mi·a (hĭs’tə-mə-nē’mē-ə, hĭ-stām’ə-) n. The presence of histamine in the blood.

  • Histamine test

    histamine test n. A test for measuring maximal production of gastric acidity or anacidity, in which, after the administration of an antihistamine, histamine acid phosphate is injected subcutaneously and the gastric contents are then analyzed.

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