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the process of establishing general facts and principles through attention to chronology and to the evolution or historical course of what is being studied.
a means of learning about something by considering its origins and development


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  • Historical-novel

    noun 1. a novel within the genre of historical fiction. noun See historical fiction

  • Historical-present

    noun, Grammar. 1. the present tense used in narrating a past event as if happening at the time of narration. noun 1. the present tense used to narrate past events, usually employed in English for special effect or in informal use, as in a week ago I’m walking down the street and I see this […]

  • Historical-school

    noun 1. a school of economists that arose in Germany in the 19th century in reaction to the principles of the classical economists, and that maintained that the factors making up an economy are variable and develop out of social institutions. 2. Law. the school of jurists who maintain that law is not to be […]

  • Historical-sociology

    noun 1. the sociological study of the origins and development of societies and of other social phenomena that seeks underlying laws and principles.

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