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[hith -er] /ˈhɪð ər/

to or toward this place:
to come hither.
being on this or the closer side; nearer:
the hither side of the meadow.
hither and thither, in various quarters; here and there:
They scurried hither and thither to escape the rain.
hither and yon, from here to over there, especially to a farther place; in or to a great many places:
He looked hither and yon for the coin. She went hither and yon in search of an answer.
to or towards this place (esp in the phrase come hither) Also (archaic) hitherward, hitherwards
hither and thither, this way and that, as in a state of confusion
(archaic or dialect) (of a side or part, esp of a hill or valley) nearer; closer

Old English hider, from Proto-Germanic *hideran (cf. Old Norse heðra “here,” Gothic hidre “hither”), from Germanic demonstrative base *hi- (cf. he, here). Spelling change from -d- to -th- is the same evolution seen in father. Relation to here is the same as that of thither to there.


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