[ad-olf,, ey-dolf;; German ah-dawlf] /ˈæd ɒlf,, ˈeɪ dɒlf;; German ˈɑ dɔlf/ (Show IPA), (Adolf Schicklgruber”der Führer”) 1889–1945, Nazi dictator of Germany, born in Austria: Chancellor 1933–45; dictator 1934–45.
Contemporary Examples

He said it was ok, since it was well known that Hitler was half-Jewish anyway.
A Jewish Ex-Con Recalls Keeping Kosher with the Faithful in Prison Daniel Genis May 10, 2014

It was clear enough to every American that Hitler and Tojo were bad news, and that was that.
Is Obama Going to War Just to ‘Check the Box’? Lloyd Green August 30, 2013

These books, some of which had been presented to Hitler for his birthday, were used as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials.
Where the Nazis Hid Their Art: The Castle Behind ‘Monuments Men’ Nina Strochlic February 7, 2014

Hitler made it clear that it was his sacred mission to destroy the Jews.
Raoul Wallenberg’s World War II Heroism a Lesson for World Doing Nothing About Syria Kati Marton March 14, 2012

Stop regulating Wall Street and the banks, which is something only Hitler and Stalin would do.
Give the People What They Want Leslie H. Gelb October 30, 2010

Historical Examples

The building is supposed to be merely a meeting place for German-Americans and sympathizers of the Hitler regime.
Secret Armies John L. Spivak

He walked to the picture of Hitler and connected the microphone again.
A Yankee Flier Over Berlin Al Avery

He belongs in a belt that is the outcome of the Hitler victory of 1940, whatever that was.
Police Operation H. Beam Piper

He scowled at the guards outside his door and shouted, “Heil Hitler!”
A Yankee Flier Over Berlin Al Avery

The destruction of America was a geographical necessity, for Hitler; and something more.
Proclaim Liberty! Gilbert Seldes

Adolf. (ˈaːdɔlf). Grandmother’s maiden name and father’s original surname Schicklgrüber. 1889–1945, German dictator, born in Austria. After becoming president of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi party), he attempted to overthrow the government of Bavaria (1923). While in prison he wrote Mein Kampf, expressing his philosophy of the superiority of the Aryan race and the inferiority of the Jews. He was appointed chancellor of Germany (1933), transforming it from a democratic republic into the totalitarian Third Reich, of which he became Führer in 1934. He established concentration camps to exterminate the Jews, rearmed the Rhineland (1936), annexed Austria (1938) and Czechoslovakia, and invaded Poland (1939), which precipitated World War II. He committed suicide
a person who displays dictatorial characteristics

used figuratively for “a dictator” from 1934.

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