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[hoh-gee] /ˈhoʊ gi/

noun, plural hoagies. New Jersey and Pennsylvania (chiefly Philadelphia) .
a hero sandwich.
(US) a sandwich made with a long, narrow bread roll

American English (originally Philadelphia) word for “hero, large sandwich made from a long, split roll;” originally hoggie (c.1936), traditionally said to be named for Big Band songwriter Hoagland Howard “Hoagy” Carmichael (1899-1981), but the use of the word pre-dates his celebrity and the original spelling seems to suggest another source (perhaps hog). Modern spelling is c.1945, and may have been altered by influence of Carmichael’s nickname.


HERO SANDWICH (1967+)Drunk: He would be orry-eyed before nightfall

[1940s+; origin uncertain; perhaps fr hoary, ”frosty, hence icy, glazed,” with later dropping of the h to avoid whore]


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