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verb phrase

To ride forward on a surfboard so that the toes of both feet are over the edge (1960s+ Surfers)


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  • Hoary-headed

    [hawr-ee-hed-id, hohr-] /ˈhɔr iˈhɛd ɪd, ˈhoʊr-/ adjective 1. having the gray or white hair of advanced age.

  • Hoary-marmot

    noun 1. a large marmot, Marmota caligata, living in mountainous areas of Siberia and northwestern North America and having a heavy, yellow-gray body, short black limbs, and black and white head and shoulders.

  • Hoas

    hold on a second

  • Hoast

    /host/ noun 1. a cough verb (intransitive) 2. to cough

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