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[hob-neyld] /ˈhɒbˌneɪld/

furnished with .
rustic or loutish.


Read Also:

  • Hobnail liver

    hobnail liver n. A nodular appearance of the liver surface due to cirrhosis.

  • Hobnob with someone

    verb phrase To be on friendly terms with someone [1866+; fr earlier hob and nob, ”to drink familiarly together,” suggesting two men calling each other by nicknames]

  • Hobo

    [hoh-boh] /ˈhoʊ boʊ/ noun, plural hobos, hoboes. 1. a tramp or vagrant. 2. a migratory worker. /ˈhəʊbəʊ/ noun (mainly US & Canadian) (pl) -bos, -boes 1. a tramp; vagrant 2. a migratory worker, esp an unskilled labourer n. 1889, Western U.S., of unknown origin. Barnhart compares early 19c. English dialectal hawbuck “lout, clumsy fellow, country […]

  • Hobo bag

    noun a style of handbag that is typically large and characterized by a slouchy crescent shape and a shoulder strap

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