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[in hohk sig-noh wing-keys; English in hok sig-noh vin-seez] /ɪn ˈhoʊk ˈsɪg noʊ ˈwɪŋ keɪs; English ɪn ˈhɒk ˈsɪg noʊ ˈvɪn siz/

in this sign shalt thou conquer: motto used by Constantine the Great, from his vision, before battle, of a cross bearing these words.
[pohst hohk; English pohst hok] /ˈpoʊst ˈhoʊk; English ˈpoʊst ˈhɒk/
adverb, Latin.
after this; afterward.
[pohst hohk, er-goh prohp-ter hohk; English pohst hok, ur-goh prop-ter hok er-goh] /ˈpoʊst ˈhoʊk, ˈɛr goʊ ˈproʊp tɛr ˌhoʊk; English ˈpoʊst ˈhɒk, ˈɜr goʊ ˈprɒp tər ˌhɒk ˈɛr goʊ/
after this, therefore because of it: a formula designating an error in logic that accepts as a cause something that merely occurred earlier in time.
[prawp-ter hawk; English prop-ter hok] /ˈprɔp tɛr ˈhɔk; English ˈprɒp tər ˈhɒk/
adverb, Latin.
because of this.
[kwaw-ahd hohk; English kwoh-ad hok] /ˈkwɔ ɑd ˈhoʊk; English ˈkwoʊ æd ˈhɒk/
adverb, Latin.
as much as this; to this extent.
[et hohk ge-noo s ohm-ne; English et hok jee-nuh s om-nee] /ɛt ˈhoʊk ˈgɛ nʊs ˈoʊm nɛ; English ɛt ˈhɒk ˈdʒi nəs ˈɒm ni/
and all this (or that) sort of thing.
/ˈpəʊst ˈhɒk/
(logic) the fallacy of assuming that temporal succession is evidence of causal relation

Latin, literally “this.”

Latin, “after this.” Especially in post hoc, ergo propter hoc, logical fallacy, literally “after this, therefore because of this.”
hydrophobic organic compound


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