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August Wilhelm von
[ou-goo st vil-helm fuh n] /ˈaʊ gʊst ˈvɪl hɛlm fən/ (Show IPA), 1818–92, German chemist.
Hans, 1880–1966, U.S. painter, born in Germany.
Josef (Casimir)
[joh-zuh f kaz-uh-mir] /ˈdʒoʊ zəf ˈkæz ə mɪr/ (Show IPA), 1876–1957, U.S. pianist and composer, born in Poland.
Contemporary Examples

Hofmann was the inventor of LSD and turned Junger onto it in 1951.
A P.S. on Ernst Jünger Noah Kristula-Green July 22, 2012

Historical Examples

Hofmann, Plate 1, shows the moment when Gabriel says: “Blessed art thou among women.”
The Great Painters’ Gospel Henry Turner Bailey

Eggs and a caterpillar, the latter after Hofmann, are figured on Plate 123.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

Because Hofmann is an artist, a man gifted with imagination, he sees more clearly, more vividly than the average person.
The Great Painters’ Gospel Henry Turner Bailey

The caterpillar, after Hofmann, is figured on Plate 1, Fig. 5.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

In leaving England, of which he used to speak as his adopted country, Hofmann was probably influenced by a combination of causes.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 5 Various

Like most of the other colours, Hofmann violets are salts of colourless bases.
Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II Arnold Cooley

Now, in the reading-room of Hofmann’s Hotel, near the harbour, he wrote him a letter.
Atlantis Gerhart Hauptmann

Godowsky and Hofmann are as inseparable as were Chopin and Liszt.
Unicorns James Huneker

Hofmann’s violet turns green even with dilute acid, but prolonged washing restores the original violet shade.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 363, December 16, 1882 Various

Hans. 1880–1966, US painter, born in Germany: a pioneer of the abstract expressionist style


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