[hoh-kee] /ˈhoʊ ki/

adjective, hokier, hokiest.
overly sentimental; mawkish:
Two glasses of wine and he gets unbearably hokey; it’s hard to believe he’s a highly paid executive!
Synonyms: corny, maudlin, melodramatic, cloying, goopy, mushy.
obviously contrived, especially to win popular appeal or support; phony:
The hokey stories of his impoverished childhood always surface at election time.
Synonyms: fake, false, artificial, counterfeit, sham, spurious.
adjective (slang, mainly US & Canadian)
corny; sentimental
contrived; phoney

See hokie

1927, from hoke + -y (2). Related: Hokiness.


False and meretricious; very dubious; phony: hokey confections that public taste ought to repudiate/ The radio is jammed with hokey copies of US and European rock and roll songs (1927+)

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