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[hohl-bahyn; German hawl-bahyn] /ˈhoʊl baɪn; German ˈhɔl baɪn/

[hahns] /hɑns/ (Show IPA), (“the elder”) 1465?–1524, German painter.
his son, Hans (“the younger”) 1497?–1543, German painter who worked chiefly in England.
/German ˈhɔlbain/
Hans (hans), known as Holbein the Elder. 1465– 1524, German painter
his son, Hans, known as Holbein the Younger. 1497–1543, German painter and engraver; court painter to Henry VIII of England (1536–43). He is noted particularly for his portraits, such as those of Erasmus (1524; 1532) and Sir Thomas More (1526)


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