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an opening through something; gap; aperture:
a hole in the roof; a hole in my sock.
a hollow place in a solid body or mass; a cavity:
a hole in the ground.
the excavated habitation of an animal; burrow.
a small, dingy, or shabby place:
I couldn’t live in a hole like that.
a place of solitary confinement; dungeon.
an embarrassing position or predicament:
to find oneself in a hole.
a cove or small harbor.
a fault or flaw:
They found serious holes in his reasoning.
a deep, still place in a stream:
a swimming hole.

a small cavity, into which a marble, ball, or the like is to be played.
a score made by so playing.


the circular opening in a green into which the ball is to be played.
a part of a golf course from a tee to the hole corresponding to it, including fairway, rough, and hazards.
the number of strokes taken to hit the ball from a tee into the hole corresponding to it.

Informal. opening; slot:
The radio program was scheduled for the p.m. hole. We need an experienced person to fill a hole in our accounting department.
Metalworking. (in wire drawing) one reduction of a section.
Electronics. a mobile vacancy in the electronic structure of a semiconductor that acts as a positive charge carrier and has equivalent mass.
Aeronautics. an air pocket that causes a plane or other aircraft to drop suddenly.
to make a hole or holes in.
to put or drive into a hole.
Golf. to hit the ball into (a hole).
to bore (a tunnel, passage, etc.).
to make a hole or holes.
hole out, Golf. to strike the ball into a hole:
He holed out in five, one over par.
hole up,

to go into a hole; retire for the winter, as a hibernating animal.
to hide, as from pursuers, the police, etc.:
The police think the bank robbers are holed up in Chicago.

burn a hole in one’s pocket, to urge one to spend money quickly:
His inheritance was burning a hole in his pocket.
hole in the wall, a small or confining place, especially one that is dingy, shabby, or out-of-the-way:
Their first shop was a real hole in the wall.
in a / the hole,

in debt; in straitened circumstances:
After Christmas I am always in the hole for at least a month.
Baseball, Softball. pitching or batting with the count of balls or balls and strikes to one’s disadvantage, especially batting with a count of two strikes and one ball or none.
Stud Poker. being the card or one of the cards dealt face down in the first round:
a king in the hole.

make a hole in, to take a large part of:
A large bill from the dentist made a hole in her savings.
pick a hole / holes in, to find a fault or flaw in:
As soon as I presented my argument, he began to pick holes in it.
Also, poke a hole/holesin.
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an area hollowed out in a solid
an opening made in or through something
an animal’s hiding place or burrow
(informal) an unattractive place, such as a town or a dwelling
(informal) a cell or dungeon
(US, informal) a small anchorage
a fault (esp in the phrase pick holes in)
(slang) a difficult and embarrassing situation
the cavity in various games into which the ball must be thrust
(on a golf course)

the cup on each of the greens
each of the divisions of a course (usually 18) represented by the distance between the tee and a green
the score made in striking the ball from the tee into the hole


a vacancy in a nearly full band of quantum states of electrons in a semiconductor or an insulator. Under the action of an electric field holes behave as carriers of positive charge
(as modifier): hole current
a vacancy in the nearly full continuum of quantum states of negative energy of fermions. A hole appears as the antiparticle of the fermion

in holes, so worn as to be full of holes: his socks were in holes
(mainly US) in the hole

in debt
(of a card, the hole card, in stud poker) dealt face down in the first round

make a hole in, to consume or use a great amount of (food, drink, money, etc): to make a hole in a bottle of brandy
to make a hole or holes in (something)
(golf) when intr, often foll by out. to hit (the ball) into the hole
A gap, usually the valence band of an insulator or semiconductor, that would normally be filled with one electron. If an electron accelerated by a voltage moves into a gap, it leaves a gap behind it, and in this way the hole itself appears to move through the substance. Even though holes are in fact the absence of a negatively charged particle (an electron), they can be treated theoretically as positively charged particles, whose motion gives rise to electric current.

Any nasty or unpleasant place; dump, joint: The restaurant turned out to be a loathsome little hole (1616+)
The vulva or anus (1340+)

hole in one
hole in the wall
hole up


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