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[hol-ee-woo d] /ˈhɒl iˌwʊd/

the NW part of Los Angeles, Calif.: center of the American motion-picture industry.
a city in SE Florida, near Miami: seaside resort.
a NW suburb of Los Angeles, California: centre of the American film industry. Pop: 167 664 (2000)

region near Los Angeles, named for the ranch that once stood there, which was named by Deida Wilcox, wife of Horace H. Wilcox, Kansas City real estate man, when they moved there in 1886. They began selling off building lots in 1891 and the village was incorporated in 1903. Once a quiet farming community, by 1910 barns were being converted into movie studios. The name was used generically for “American movies” from 1926, three years after the giant sign was set up, originally Hollywoodland, another real estate developer’s promotion.

District of Los Angeles.

Note: Center of the American film industry.


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