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John Haynes
[heynz] /heɪnz/ (Show IPA), 1879–1964, U.S. clergyman.
Oliver Wendell
[wen-dl] /ˈwɛn dl/ (Show IPA), 1809–94, U.S. poet, novelist, essayist, and physician.
his son, Oliver Wendell, 1841–1935, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1902–32.
Sherlock, a detective in many mystery stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Contemporary Examples

At 25, Holmes can be expected to live at least 40 to 50 years in prison.
Death Penalty Is the Wrong Punishment for James Holmes David R. Dow April 1, 2013

To Holmes and McConnell, Benton had proved himself on the right battlefields.
Can ‘the Traitor’ Jesse Benton Unite the GOP? Sam Youngman March 27, 2014

Just six weeks before Holmes allegedly went on his rampage, he took an intensive three-part oral examination at the school.
Suspected Gunman James Holmes’s Campus Mayhem Christine Pelisek, Eliza Shapiro July 23, 2012

But unlike Williams, Holmes had no interest in the strictly alt route.
Katie Holmes, ‘Jack and Jill,’ and Her Bizarre Career Nicole LaPorte November 9, 2011

Even before a court determines whether Holmes is insane, it must decide if he is competent to stand trial.
Colorado Shooter: Insane or Just Plain Evil? Eliza Shapiro, Christine Pelisek July 24, 2012

Historical Examples

I am very much mistaken if the locution does not occur elsewhere in Holmes.
America To-day, Observations and Reflections William Archer

Mrs. James was saying only the other day that she quite missed them, and so did Mrs. Holmes.
A harum-scarum schoolgirl Angela Brazil

I agree with you just as little with regard to Dr. Holmes and certain others.
The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Well, we are quite in your hands, Mr. Holmes,” said old Cunningham.
The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 30, June 1893 Various

He decided to sound Hazon upon the matter, yet of this resolve he said nothing now to Holmes.
The Sign of the Spider Bertram Mitford

Oliver Wendell. 1809–94, US author, esp of humorous essays, such as The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table (1858) and its sequels
his son, Oliver Wendell. 1841–1935, US jurist, noted for his liberal judgments
Sir Paul.1950–2013, New Zealand radio and television broadcaster; presenter of The Paul Holmes Breakfast, (1987–2008)
(hōmz, hōlmz)
British geologist who pioneered a method of determining the age of rocks by measuring their radioactive components. He was also an early supporter of Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift.


Close friend; home boy •Most often as a term of address: Put a charge on his head, Homes/ What’s happenin’, Holmes?

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[mid-1980s+ Black & students; second form fr Sherlock Holmes by homophony]


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