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(of igneous rocks) having only crystalline components and no glass Compare hemicrystalline


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  • Holocrine gland

    holocrine gland n. A gland whose secretion consists of its own disintegrated secretory cells along with its secretory product.

  • Holoendemic

    holoendemic hol·o·en·dem·ic (hŏl’ō-ěn-děm’ĭk, hō’lō-) adj. Endemic in the entire population of a given area.

  • Holodiastolic

    holodiastolic hol·o·di·a·stol·ic (hŏl’ō-dī’ə-stŏl’ĭk, hō’lō-) adj. Relating to or lasting throughout the diastole portion of a heartbeat.

  • Holoenzyme

    [hol-oh-en-zahym] /ˌhɒl oʊˈɛn zaɪm/ noun 1. an complete in both its apoenzyme and coenzyme components. /ˌhɒləʊˈɛnzaɪm/ noun 1. an active enzyme consisting of a protein component (apoenzyme) and its coenzyme holoenzyme hol·o·en·zyme (hŏl’ō-ěn’zīm’, hō’lō-) n. An active, complex enzyme consisting of an apoenzyme and a coenzyme.

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