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[huh-log-ruh-fee] /həˈlɒg rə fi/

the process or technique of making holograms.
the science or practice of producing holograms

early 19c., of writing, from holograph + -y (1); physics sense, “process of using holograms,” is from 1964, coined by discoverer, Hungarian-born physicist Gábor Dénes (1900–1979), from hologram on analogy of telegraphy/telegram.

holography ho·log·raph·y (hō-lŏg’rə-fē)
A method of producing a three-dimensional image of an object by recording on a photographic plate or film the pattern of interference formed by a split laser beam and then illuminating the pattern either with a laser or with ordinary light.
A method of creating a three-dimensional image of an object on film by encoding not just the intensity but also the phase information of the light striking the film. See Note at hologram.
holography [(hoh-log-ruh-fee)]

A technique using lasers and photographic plates to produce three-dimensional images.


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