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/ˈhɒlɪˌruːd; ˈhəʊlɪˌruːd/
the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh, located beside Holyroodhouse
(informal) the Scottish Government


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  • Holyroodhouse

    /ˌhɒlɪruːdˈhaʊs/ noun 1. a royal palace in Edinburgh in Scotland: official residence of the Queen when in Scotland; begun in 1501 by James IV of Scotland; scene of the murder of David Rizzio in 1566

  • Holy-rood

    noun 1. the cross on which Jesus died. 2. (lowercase) a crucifix, especially one above a rood screen. noun 1. a cross or crucifix, esp one placed upon the rood screen in a church 2. (often capital) the cross on which Christ was crucified

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    noun 1. the Saturday in Holy Week. noun 1. the Saturday before Easter Sunday

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    noun 1. (def 1). noun 1. another term for Scripture

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