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[hom-uh-jer, om-] /ˈhɒm ə dʒər, ˈɒm-/

a vassal.


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  • Homalographic

    [hom-uh-luh-graf-ik] /ˌhɒm ə ləˈgræf ɪk/ adjective 1. . [hom-uh-luh-graf-ik] /ˌhɒm ə ləˈgræf ɪk/ adjective 1. representing parts with like proportions. /həʊˌmɒləˈɡræfɪk/ adjective 1. (cartography) another term for equal-area

  • Homas

    [hoh-muh] /ˈhoʊ mə/ noun 1. (def 2).

  • Homaxial

    homaxial hom·ax·i·al (hō-māk’sē-əl) adj. Having all axes of equal length.

  • Hombre

    [om-ber] /ˈɒm bər/ noun, Cards. 1. . [om-brey, -bree] /ˈɒm breɪ, -bri/ noun 1. man; fellow; guy: That sheriff is a mean hombre. [om-ber] /ˈɒm bər/ noun 1. a card game popular in the 17th and 18th centuries and played, usually by three persons, with 40 cards. 2. the player undertaking to win the pool […]

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