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Home straight

(horse racing) the section of a racecourse forming the approach to the finish
the final stage of an undertaking or journey


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  • Homestretch

    [hohm-strech] /ˈhoʊmˈstrɛtʃ/ noun 1. the straight part of a racetrack from the last turn to the finish line. Compare . 2. the final phase of any endeavor: The political campaign is in the homestretch.

  • Home-study

    noun 1. instruction in a subject given by mail and addressed to a student’s home.

  • Homestyle

    [hohm-stahyl] /ˈhoʊmˌstaɪl/ adjective 1. simple and unpretentious, evoking the comforts of : homestyle cooking; home-style hospitality. adjective, adverb Examples 1953-58

  • Home theater

    noun See home cinema

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