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home boy: Don’t want what you can’t have, or what your homebuddy has (1980s+ Black)


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  • Homebuilder

    [hohm-bil-der] /ˈhoʊmˌbɪl dər/ noun 1. a person whose occupation is homebuilding. 2. a commercial firm or company for homebuilding.

  • Homebuilding

    [hohm-bil-ding] /ˈhoʊmˌbɪl dɪŋ/ noun 1. the designing or constructing of houses. adjective 2. of, relating to, or associated with homebuilding: the homebuilding industry.

  • Homebuyer

    [hohm-bahy-er] /ˈhoʊmˌbaɪ ər/ noun 1. a person who buys or expects to buy a house.

  • Home-care

    [hohm-kair] /ˈhoʊmˌkɛər/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or designating care, especially medical care, given or received at home: a member of the hospital’s home-care staff.

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