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[hom-uh-lee] /ˈhɒm ə li/

noun, plural homilies.
a sermon, usually on a Biblical topic and usually of a nondoctrinal nature.
an admonitory or moralizing discourse.
an inspirational saying or cliché.
noun (pl) -lies
a sermon or discourse on a moral or religious topic
moralizing talk or writing

late 14c., omelye, from Old French omelie (12c., Modern French homélie), from Church Latin homilia “a homily, sermon,” from Greek homilia “conversation, discourse,” used in New Testament Greek for “sermon,” from homilos “an assembled crowd,” from homou “together” (from PIE *somo-, from root *sem- (1) “one, as one, together with;” see same) + ile “troop” (cognate with Sanskrit melah “assembly,” Latin miles “soldier”). Latinate form restored in English 16c.


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