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homocytotropic ho·mo·cy·to·trop·ic (hō’mō-sī’tə-trŏp’ĭk, -trō’pĭk)
Relating to or having an affinity for cells of the species in which it originated, as of an antibody.


Read Also:

  • Homocytotropic antibody

    homocytotropic antibody n. An antibody that has an affinity for mast cells of the same or of a closely related species and that, upon combining with a specific antigen, triggers the release of pharmacological mediators of anaphylaxis from the cells to which it attaches. Also called reaginic antibody.

  • Homodont

    /ˈhəʊməˌdɒnt/ adjective 1. (of most nonmammalian vertebrates) having teeth that are all of the same type Compare heterodont

  • Homodyne

    [hoh-muh-dahyn, hom-uh-] /ˈhoʊ məˌdaɪn, ˈhɒm ə-/ adjective, Radio. 1. of or relating to reception by a device that generates a varying voltage of the same or nearly the same frequency as the incoming carrier wave and combines it with the incoming signal for detection.

  • Homoecious

    homoecious (hō-mē’shəs, hŏ-) Autoecious.

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