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[in-juh n] /ˈɪn dʒən/

adverb, Older Use: Often Offensive.
honestly (used to emphasize the truth of a statement).


Read Also:

  • Honest-broker

    noun 1. a neutral person or organization that mediates disputes; an impartial mediator.

  • Honest-john

    noun 1. Informal. 2. a surface-to-surface, single-stage U.S. artillery rocket.

  • Honestly

    [on-ist-lee] /ˈɒn ɪst li/ adverb 1. in an honest manner. 2. with honesty. interjection 3. (used to express mild exasperation, disbelief, dismay, etc.): Honestly! I want to finish this work and you keep interrupting. /ˈɒnɪstlɪ/ adverb 1. in an honest manner 2. (intensifier): I honestly don’t believe it interjection 3. an expression of disgust, surprise, […]

  • Honest-to-god

    [on-ist-tuh-goo d-nis] /ˈɒn ɪst təˈgʊd nɪs/ adjective 1. real or genuine. adverb 2. really, truly, or genuinely. adjective Genuine; real; no shit: What is certain is the damage of an honest-to-God fight to the finish involving the debt ceiling (1916+)

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