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[hong-kee-tongk, hawng-kee-tawngk] /ˈhɒŋ kiˌtɒŋk, ˈhɔŋ kiˌtɔŋk/

a cheap, noisy, and garish nightclub or dance hall.
Also, honky-tonky
[hong-kee-tong-kee, hawng-kee-tawng-] /ˈhɒŋ kiˌtɒŋ ki, ˈhɔŋ kiˌtɔŋ-/ (Show IPA). of, relating to, or characteristic of a honky-tonk:
a honky-tonk atmosphere.
characterized by or having a large number of honky-tonks:
the honky-tonk part of town.
Music. noting a style of ragtime piano-playing characterized by a strict two-four or four-four bass, either contrapuntal or chordal, and a melody embellished with chords and syncopated rhythms, typically performed on a piano whose strings have been muffled and given a tinny sound.
verb (used without object)
to visit or frequent honky-tonks.
(US & Canadian, slang)

a style of ragtime piano-playing, esp on a tinny-sounding piano
a type of country music, usually performed by a small band with electric and steel guitars
(as modifier): honky-tonk music

“cheap night club,” by 1898, Southern U.S., of unknown origin. As a type of music played in that sort of low saloon, it is attested from 1921.




: his honky-tonking ended, naturally, at Filly’s, the urban cowboy saloon

[1894+; origin unknown]


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