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adverb, Informal.
upon my honor; really and truly:
I did sweep the floor, honor bright.


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  • Honored

    [on-er] /ˈɒn ər/ noun 1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions: a man of honor. 2. a source of credit or distinction: to be an honor to one’s family. 3. high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank: to be held in honor. 4. such respect manifested: a memorial in honor of […]

  • Honoree

    [on-uh-ree] /ˌɒn əˈri/ noun 1. a person who receives an , award, or special recognition. n. by 1958, from honor + -ee. Alternative honorand, from Latin honorandus, is from 1950.

  • Honor-guard

    noun 1. .

  • Honore morrow

    [mawr-oh, mor-oh] /ˈmɔr oʊ, ˈmɒr oʊ/ noun 1. Honoré Willsie [on-uh-rey wil-see,, on-uh-rey] /ˈɒn əˌreɪ ˈwɪl si,, ˌɒn əˈreɪ/ (Show IPA), 1880–1940, U.S. novelist. /ˈmɒrəʊ/ noun (archaic or poetic) the morrow 1. the next day 2. the period following a specified event 3. the morning n. mid-13c., morewe-; c.1300, morwe, shortened variation of morewen “morrow” […]

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