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Hoochy koochy


also hoochie-coochie, hootchy kootchy, “erotic suggestive women’s dance” (involving a lot of hip-grinding), 1898, of obscure origin, usually associated, without evidence, with the Chicago world’s fair of 1893 and belly-dancer Little Egypt (who might not even have been there), but the word itself is attested from 1890, as the stage name of minstrel singer “Hoochy-Coochy Rice,” though its meaning there is unclear, perhaps a nonsense word.

To-day, however, in place of the danse du ventre or the coochie-coochie we have the loop-the-loop or the razzle-dazzle, which latter, while not exactly edifying at least do not serve to deprave public taste. [“The Redemption of ‘Old Coney,'” in “Broadway Magazine,” April 1904]


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