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[hoo d-ee; for 2 also Scot. hoo-dee] /ˈhʊd i; for 2 also Scot. ˈhu di/

Also, hoody. Informal. a hooded sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket.
Also called hoodie crow. Scot. the .
noun (informal)
a hooded sweatshirt
a young person who wears a hooded sweatshirt, regarded by some as a potential hooligan

a close-fitting sweatshirt with a hood

also hoody, slang shortening of hooded sweatshirt, attested by 1991. Earlier it was a familiar term for the hooded crow (1789).


Hoodlumish; like a hood: imitating a hoody Tony Curtis (1970s+)


A hooded sweatshirt or top: hoodies in every color and style


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