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An important person; pooh-bah: and the rest of the town’s hoohaws (1970s+)


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  • Hookah

    [hoo k-uh] /ˈhʊk ə/ noun 1. a tobacco pipe of Near Eastern origin with a long, flexible tube by which the smoke is drawn through a jar of water and thus cooled. /ˈhʊkə/ noun 1. an oriental pipe for smoking marijuana, tobacco, etc, consisting of one or more long flexible stems connected to a container […]

  • Hook-and-eye

    noun 1. a two-piece clothes fastener, usually of metal, consisting of a hook that catches onto a loop or bar. 2. a three-piece latching device consisting of a hook attached to a screw eye or an eyebolt and a separate screw eye or eyebolt that the hook engages as it bridges a gap, as one […]

  • Hook-and-ladder

    noun 1. a fire engine, usually a tractor-trailer, fitted with long, extensible ladders and other equipment.

  • Hook-and-ladder company

    [hoo k-uh n-lad-er] /ˈhʊk ənˈlæd ər/ noun 1. a company of firefighters equipped with a hook-and-ladder truck.

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